Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PLE 10

The most important thing I learned from these videos is to never underestimate students and their technological competence/capabilities. I think often times teachers set their expectations lower than they need to be. I believe it is always important to make kids stretch and accomplish things that they may have once believed to be out of their reach. This class, for example, has made me realize that I am not as technologically incompetent as I once assumed. Another important thing that I learned is that students are not as apprehensive about using computers as adults often are. In all of the videos that I watched, it seemed as if the students dove into the projects with little to no anxiety or hesitation. Perhaps it was because the teacher taught with such confidence and ease. I loved all of the students’ responses to the technology-based lessons. You could tell it was something that each student was excited to participate in. Overall from these videos I learned that infusing technology in the classroom has the potential to be productive, somewhat simple, and fun.

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